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We are pleased to manage Massar Asreem Company to import sports supplies and Nutrition, to welcome and honor those who entered the company's website, which was designed and implemented to be developed periodically in order to contact and communicate with its customers and visitors to the site, to be their window on the new sport equipment's ( Nutriton) proteins , amino acids and Weight gainers . The company's management emphasizes commitment to quality and development , excellence in service provision; dealing with credibility, appreciation trust's , and selling at reasonable and competitive prices . We are pleased with your generous looks, your comments and opinions are important to us, and we are pleased to communicate with you .


Brands we supply

Company activities

Providing and cultivating sports fields and arenas

Import and sale of sport equipment’s and nutrition

Import and sale physical sports devices , its accessories and spare parts

Providing and installing the all needs of gyms, clubs and physical therapy clinics

Company services

They are ready and able to meet your sporting needs .​

Masar Asreem Company provides you with a wide range of equipment, machines and equipment for doing sports .

Payment methods

Cash, trading card, certified checks and bank transfers .

Company features

Manufacturing defects guarantee, high quality, reasonable price, availability of parts .

Inbody 270

In an effort by Masar asreem Company to import sports supplies and Nutrition to diversify its services and bring it closer to its customers, it supplied an in-body device to measure and analyze body components . It is a device that combines many advantages and techniques related to measuring the quantities of each component of the body :
- Show if your weight is normal, less or more than normal .
- Determines the balance of the lower and upper parts of your body in terms of fat and muscles .
- Knowing your body fat weight is your goal goal .
- Shows the amount of protein inside the cells of the body .
- Find the ratio between the waist and Buttocks circumference based on the distribution of fat in the abdomen and buttocks .
- Diagnose the physical variables that may occur due to the effect of the main body components, such as: the amount of water, minerals, proteins, fats, and weight .
- The device ( in body ) helps in developing a diet and exercise that is appropriate for the condition of the body .
The device in body that interests men and women, especially athletes and everyone who follows a diet Whether it is for slimming or for weight gain.

Company profile

Asreem Path Company was established to import sports supplies and nutrition according to Law No. 23 of the year 2010 regarding commercial activity and its articles of association, which is a joint stock company with limited liability.

It is based in Tripoli (Libya) and has a sales halls in Asreem St, Janzour, Hay Al-andalus, and Almashtal (Ain Zara).
It started its commercial activity as an individual institution in the year 1993 in supplying and trading sporting goods .

during the year 1996, Become one of the company’s interests to import nutrition and it supplements . The company owns the trademark (Max Power) of the devices, equipment and tools, according to a decision . Ministry of Economy No. (126) issued on 2/6/2019 .​



Company management


  • Asreem Branch
    • 0910551144
    • 0925543003
  • Janzur Branch
    • 0910551122
  • Hay Al-andalus Branch
    • 0910551133
  • Al-Mashtal Branch (Ain Zara)
    • 0910551177
  • Tripoli, Libya

Email address:

Working times

Saturday to Thursday

Sales Asreem.

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sales Janzour.

10:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Sales Hay Al-Andalus.

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Sales Al-Mashtal (Ain Zara)

10:00 AM-9:00 PM


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