Subsequently I have satisfied many others lesbians and then have definitely seen a little bit of everything you

Long ago within the January in the season I wrote concerning the Butch compared to. Femme test and released a link to it.

Listed here is some what i composed on that go out….only so that you won’t need to return and find they again.

Significant Femme Lip stick Femme Antique Femme Fundamental Femme Strong Femme Silky Androgyne Androgyne Hard Androgyne Smooth Butch Feminist Butch Classic Butch Boot Butch Tall Butch

I’m a silky Androgyne and you will my spouse is an excellent Androgyne. However, this is not a scientific make sure no one received blood to see what kind of lesbian I was. not a lot of the description fit and i am yes I’ve charactaristics of the two other teams up to softer androgyne….andrognyne and you may smooth femme.

You have got a streak of the exhibitionist in you that have good tendency to don discussing aroused clothes, or perhaps as far as you feel you can buy away which have and not look unsavory

This really is a map that website released saying: “This can be according to the 8000 answers within first series away from examination.”

Their matchmaking are now and again rugged because of your energy and playfulness, in the conclusion you are doing put off into the lover – even if perhaps just after a loud struggle

It does render an explanation off just what lesbian kind of the brand new take to places you from the and the a couple as much as they. I had these types of meanings on the test:

Antique Femme–You’re “modern girl” but nonetheless a woman inside convinced. It might perhaps not occur to one to undertake a good “man’s employment” but you can do it in the event the compelled to. You want to works, however, favor secretarial/support ranking, exercises, and medical care supply unlike management or technology. Your home is basically neat and brush, however, a little disorder does not push your right up a wall surface. Your try to structure it wonderfully but don’t visit extremes. You’re ambivalent regarding using an outfit, and usually would to own performs, adultfriend finder church, and you can societal hours, but don jeans otherwise shorts around the home. You will do constantly wear make-up and keep maintaining the hair inside the an with ease was able however, women layout, will much time. You like college students and you will animals, kittens specifically, and you will carry out make an attempt in the gardening occasionally however, are not very good in the it. You like ways within the a missing minded method – you prefer the brand new appearance but never commonly order it into the house. You love video, such as for example peoples crisis and you can cartoons.To possess a partner, you desire a smooth butch along the type of the new Gentle or Feminist Butch. For family unit members, your drift that have Good Femmes, Androgynes, plus specific Smooth Butches. Significant Femmes bother you and Significant Butches scare you.

Lip stick Lesbian–You are the nuts region of the traditional feminine image. As you painstakingly create your appearance femme in public areas, this is not unusual on how best to relax and remove away from one make-up at home – as long as you is alone or just with an effective buddy. In the event your companion is approximately, you retain on hide off femme. You are more youthful in your mind and wish moving and become new belle of your own baseball instead of the hostess. You’re a beneficial, innovative father or mother, when the a while unconventional. The newest PTA cannot somewhat know very well what and make of you. At first glance you are most conventional, however, because you cam anyone see you have even more radical facts, at nights, you’re a completely some other creature plus sensuality exists. You love wonders and you will mystery. Your constant luck tellers and you may seers. You aren’t sure if you think them, but deep in you do. For individuals who Must, you are doing the casual vehicles repair otherwise change a bulb, however, whenever possible your refer that it for the greater network of far more butch family relations. You’re accessible to partners of all of the classes off butch, in addition to Androgynes. Do you really believe Tall Femmes is dowdy and you may dull, but i have high number of significantly more butch femmes given that friends.

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